2 Day Open Bow Hill 8th - 9th September 2017

Judges : Mark Demaine, Lee Hartis, Wayne Mitchell, and Mike Rolland

1st place : Mrs Jayne Coley with Labrador dog Flagonhall Hermes of Waterford

2nd place : Mrs Laura Hill with Labrador bitch Stauntonvale Tic Bean

3rd place : Mr Jamie Bettinson with Labrador dog Cynhinfa Ladislav

4th place : Mrs Vicky Stanley with Labrador dog Minstead Maigret

CoM : Mr Peter Thompson with Labrador dog Thorneyoaks Topaz

The first day was spent walking up in long grass, heather, and bracken. The ground was very uneven with gullies and slopes, some of which were quite steep and made some of the retrieves very testing. Some great dog work was seen but some competitors were very unlucky and failed to pick, being eye-wiped by the Judges.

Eight dogs were taken through to the second day which started by walking up a really steep bank. At the top we lined out and walked up a bracken covered steep slope. Birds were shot during the walk up the slope providing more testing retrieves which the dogs coped with brilliantly. Next came a very stony grass downhill slope. The guns had some fantastic high partridge to shoot and they did very well, providing the remaining dogs with stunning retrieves. Unfortunately we lost three dogs and the Judges took the remaining five dogs to a mini drive, after which they all picked a bird and the Judges declared “trial over”.

Thanks go to Stewart Riddle and his team for providing an excellent two days’ sport, to John Castle and his team of guns who were all first class shots, to the Judges for giving up their time to officiate, and who had to work hard on the challenging terrain, to Skinners who, once again, supported the trial by way of dog food vouchers for those in the awards, and last, but by no means least, to all the helpers who travelled a long way to support the Society. The input from everyone was very much appreciated and went a long way towards making this a memorable trial.