Covid Statement

The Committee, in organising the Championship, has been led by its objective to deliver a safe environment for all attending, whilst we still remain in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We ask you to exercise caution, act responsibly and apply vigilance at all times.

When parking we would ask you to respect our advice of a one and a half door width apart from each vehicle.

Please carry a suitable face covering at all times. Wear your face covering if you feel vulnerable in any situation, especially when entering confined spaces, and also whilst in possible large clusters, which might be unavoidable. Remember Hands, Face and Space

A registration protocol for all attendees has been implemented. You must register to attend the event. The IGL Committee reserve the right to request any person to be removed if required.

Please note: if you are showing any signs or symptoms relating to Coronavirus, then you should not attend. If you have been in contact with any person testing positive for the virus or anyone self-isolating, then you should not attend. We ask you to remain vigilant and sympathetic of all we are trying to maintain.

If you feel unsure or concerned with any information or matters relating to the notice above, then contact

Alan Rees, Covid Officer, on mobile number 07966 772402