Update: 2020 Championship

The Committee of the IGL has again met virtually to consider matters relating to the Retriever Championship 2020.

Clearly, it would not be possible to hold the Retriever Championship at the present time due to the various Government guidelines applying throughout the United Kingdom.

However, the Committee is mindful of the IGL's Rule, which states that an objective of the IGL is to 'hold the Retriever Championship annually', and thus it is proposed to hold the Retriever Championship on 30 November, 1 and 2 December 2020.

The Committee is also conscious that the Kennel Club is seeking Government advice and clarification on its licenced events and will be issuing guidance in due course.

Consequently, in balancing these factors, the Committee decided that it is not the appropriate time to make a definitive decision about whether to hold the Retriever Championship 2020. The Government guidelines across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are ever evolving and dynamic.

A further statement regarding the Retriever Championship will be released as soon as possible in August.

The Committee will keep the Government guidelines and other advice under regular ongoing and detailed review. The Committee remains further mindful of the interests of the various stakeholders in the Retriever Championship and assures its members and the Affiliated Societies that it is making every effort to find a way to fulfil the IGL's objectives and hold a Retriever Championship in these extremely challenging times.