2007 Championship winner Mrs. Tess Lawrence’s FTCh Willowyck Ruff

2007 Championship Report

Held at Windsor Great Park, by gracious permission of Her Majesty the Queen.


1st F.T.Ch. Willowyck Ruff Handler/Owner: Mrs Tess Lawrence
2nd Fordleymoor Whisky Mac of Longwalk Handler/Owner: Miss Sharon Coby
3rd F.T.Ch. Anson Anne of Denbank Handler: Mr D Sorley
Owners: Mr & Mrs D Sorley

Diploma of Merit F.T.Ch. Tasco Monk of Mansengreen Handler/Owner: Mr Ricky Ross Moloney
Diploma of Merit Garrethall Morse of Heathergaye Handler/Owner: Mrs Heather Bradley

2007 Championship – Summary Report

50 dogs qualified for the 2007 Championships with 49 taking to the field.

Previously second, third three times and four times the recipient of a Diploma of Merit, Tess Lawrence qualified her seven-year-old F.T.Ch. Willowyck Ruff, by the demanding three B qualification route. At seven years of age, F.T.Ch. Willowyck Ruff was one of the three oldest gun dogs on the card at Windsor, his performance was impressive and a deserving winner with a wholly clean trial.

In second place Sharon Coby from Suffolk, was the youngest handler in the championship, running one of the six dogs in the stake whelped as recently as 2005.

Dick Sorely from Fifeshire, secured third place with F.T.Ch. Anson Anne of Denbank, together with the Lorna Countess Howe Memorial Trophy awarded to the highest-placed Scottish dog.

Diplomas of Merit went to Ricky Ross Moloney’s F.T.Ch. Tasco Monk of Mansengreen, and to Heather Bradley’s Garrethall Morse of Heathergaye.