List of Retriever Champions

 2018Mr B Steel Jnr  FTCh Harperrig Breac
2017 The Duke of Buccleuch FTCh Buccleuch Xena
2016 Mr D Latham FTCh Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood
2015 Lady Celina Carter FTCh Asterix Aguzannis of Chatsworth
2014 Mr R S King FTCh Saxaphone Brown Ale of Lincswolds
2013 Mr L Jackson FTCh Ellijas Danny
2012 Mr D Latham FTCh Delfleet Neon of Fendawood
2011 Mr K Broomfield Kaliture Black Spruce
2010 Mr D Latham FTCh Delfleet Neon of Fendawood
2009 Duchess of Devonshire FTCh Roberto Rannaldini of Bolton Abbey
2008 Mr N Bayley Craighorn Abby
2007 Mrs T Lawrence FTCh Willowyck Ruff
2006 Mr M Wright FTCh Marcus May Be of Wadesmill (Golden Retriever)
2005 Mr J Swindlehurst FTCh Mill Cottage Pathfinder
2004 Mr  J Drury FTCh Tweedshot Kite
2003 Mr D Latham FTCh Drakeshead Deana
2002 Mr M Tallamy’s FTCh Bringwood Bobby of Brindlebay
2001 Mr T Smith’s FTCh Craighorn Bracken
2000 Mrs I Ried’s FTCh Bracken of Berrybrae
1999 Mr Bert Taylor’s FTCh Styperson Dipper
1998 Mr Steve Jolly’s FTCh Garendon Captain
1997 Mr G Holt’s FTCh Haskayne Moss of Glensue
1996 Mrs I Ried’s FTCh Linksview Jet
1995 Miss Sara Chichester’s FTCh Highdunscott Alice of Wiscombe
1994 Mr Jim MacIver’sFTCh Black Sabel Sonia
1993 Mr A C M Rountree’s FTChTreo’s Sequin Of Tasco
1992 Mr J Halstead’s FTCh Rauglin Pete of Drakeshead
1991 Mr D Garbutt’s FTCh Pocklea Remus
1990 Mr A Thornton’s FTCh Tasco Dancing Brave of Willowyck
1989 Mr R Keanie’s FTCh Ramornie Challenger
1988 Mr D J Benson’s FTCh Pocklea Tide of Middlegate
The Retriever Trials Championship Challenge Cup (presented by Capt. A. Glen Kidson) was won outright in 1987 by Mr John Halstead running Ftch Breeze of Drakeshead and re-presented to the Society in perpetuity
1987 Mr J Halstead’sFTCh Breeze of Drakeshead
1986 Mr J Halstead’s FTCh Breeze of Drakeshead
1985 Mr J Halstead’s FTCh Breeze of Drakeshead
1984 Mr N T Rowson’s FTCh Palgrave Nettle
1983 Mr A Daly’s FTCh Marie of Cleary
1982 Mr R A Atkinson’s FTCh Little Marston Chorus of Holway (Golden Retriever)
1981 Mr D Garbutt’s FTCh Pocklington Glen
1980 The Duke of Wellington’s FTCh Stratfieldsaye Dipper
1979 Mrs S Halstead’s FTCh Westead Shot of Drakeshead
1978 Mr R S Hill’s FTCh Drakeshead Wisp
1977 Mr P Sinclair’s FTCh Flightline Streaker
1976 Mr P Elsey’s FTCh Hedenham Dash
1975 Mr George Meldrum’s FTCh Lugwardine Jade
1974 Mr E Clitheroe’sFTCh Hedenham Park Holcot Fay
1973 Mr E Clitheroe’s FTCh Hedenham Park Holcot Fay
1972 The Duke of Wellington’s FTCh Stratfieldsaye Beinnmhor Lomond
1971 Mrs G Benson’s FTCh Holdgate Willie
1970 Mr D Mackinnon’s FTCh Beinnmhor Tide
1969 Mr D Mackinnon’s FTCh Beinnmhor Tide
1968 Mr R S Wilkin’s FTCh Sendhurst Sweep
1967 No Championship Foot & Mouth
1966 Mr W Charles William’s FTCh Berrystead Berry
1965 Mr R S Wilkin’sFTCh Sendhurst Sweep
1964 Miss A Hill-Wood’s Dacre Hiwood Frank
1963 Mr W G Meldrum’s FTCh Glenfarg Skid
1962 Mr Vincent Routledge’s Hallingbury Blackbird
1961 Mrs E K Thompson’s FTCh Rivington Braeroy Swift
1960 The Hon. Lady  Hill-Wood’s Hiwood Dipper
1959 Mr R S Wilkin’sFTCh Peteradee
1958 Mr W Lawrence-TaylorFTCh Galleywood Shot
1957 Mr W Lawrence-Taylor’sFTCh Galleywood Shot
1956 Mrs B Harcourt-Wood’s FTCh Norham Blackie
1955 Major H Peacock’s FTCh Greatford Teal
1954 Mrs J R Atkinson’s FTCh Mazurka of Wynford (Golden Retriever)
1953 Dr J Hurndall-Gann’s FTCh Oxendon Dan
1952 Miss E J C Train’s FTCh Treunair Cala (Golden Retriever)
1951 Major H Peacock’s FTCh Greatford Churchfield Jet
1950 Major H Peacock’s Greatford Uffington Brandy Snap
1949 Mr J Annand’s FTCh Glenhead Zuider
1948 Mr Lewis Williams Owen FTCh Treveilyr Swift
1947 Mr C J Neale’s Kneveton Caen
1946 Mr Gordon Richard’s FTCh Blackhambleton Skell
1939 -1945 No Championship Second World War
  Mr L Lonsdale’s Greatford Shy
  Mr R G Heaton’s Cheverells Amber
1937 Mr J Eccles Haulstone Larry
1936 Lorna Countess Howe’s Balmuto Hewildo
1935 Major J S T G E Despencer Robinson FTCh Quest of Wilbury
1934 The Hon. Mrs J Hill Wood FTCh Hiwood Chance
1933 The Hon. Mrs J Hill Wood FTCh Hiwood Chance
1932 Mr A B Simpson Tracy of Parma
1931 Mr G T Johnson-Houghton Croughton Sceptre
1930 Mr C A Lingtons Main
1929 The Countess Howe FTCh Balmuto Jock
1928 The Countess Howe FTCh Balmuto Jock
1927 The Earl of Chesterfield FTCh Beningborough Tanco
1926 Mrs Quentin Dicks Dual Ch Balmuto Jock
1925 Mr P Coleman’s FTCh Kirkmahoe Rover
1924 Major H Twyford’s Titus of Whitmore
1923 Major H Twyford’s Titus of Whitmore
1922 Mr C Alington’s Dapple
1921 Mr C Alington’s Flashy
1920 Mr T W Twyford’s Tag of Whitmore
1915 -1919 No Championship First World War
1914 Archibold E Butter Patron of Faskally
1912 Col G H Weller Meeru (Flatcoated Retriever)
1911 Archibold E Butter Peter of Faskally
1910 Andrew R Buxton Hunsdon Zulu
1909 Duchess of Hamilton Dungavel Phoebe