Open Trial Results & Reports

2023 Open Stake

2023 Open Stake

The 110th Open A V Retriever Stake for 24 dogs was held at the Combe Estate, Gittisham, Devon by kind permission of Mr Richard Marker on 20 & 21 October 2023.

The judges were Mr R Atkinson (A), Ms S Chichester (A), Mr P Highfield (A) and Mr J Bettinson(A).


1st Matthew Gould's Middleton Tout de Suite of Hawkerline

2nd Claire Raymond's FTCh Nobsquinton Nettle

3rd Clare Baker's FTCh Arcklebear Caribou

4th Margaret Broomfield's Goldieslie Meadow Platt of Ticefield handled by Keith Broomfield

Certificates of Merit

Mel Brook's FTCh Anningtonbay Maddi May

Dawn Scott's Diglake Napravnik (also Guns' Choice)

Report by Mary-Jane Opie, Hon Field Trial Secretary:

“The Estate had selected a new drive for the first morning that saw the line extending
almost a quarter of a mile! With the dogs lined out on the right behind the
guns, midway up a hill and overseeing the left end of the line also behind the
guns, and standing 75yds in front of a hedge line and ditch. The birds were
shot over grassland and judges were able to send dogs into ditches, or through
gates ways to work independently, before sending to work and pick birds that
lay in the fields. The second drive, was more familiar. The birds landing in a
deep ditch, hedge lines and fields. We finished the first day with twelve dogs
still in.
The Estate had selected a drive for the second day that again meant dogs were seldom seen
by the handlers once the dogs had reached the area, working the hedge and a
deep ditch with a small stream with one dog seeing its first turkey!

Many thanks to Mr. Marker, the Estate, Judges, committee and the helpers, all of whom made
the two days progress smoothly and a winner found!”

2022 Open Stake

2022 Open Stake

The 109th Open A V Retriever Stake for was held at the Ampton Estate, Suffolk on 21 & 22 November.

The judges were Mrs J Rainey (A), Mr S Richardson (A), Mr C Horwill (B) and Mrs P Cullis (B).


1st H O'Hare’s Burrendale Rambler handled by Tony O'Hare
2nd Jannes Wiberg’s Miss Bossing Master of the House
3rd Peter Abbs’s Howeparks Starsturck at Scarningvale
4th Mike Tallamy’s Brindlebay Mead
Certificates of Merit
Tom Sage’s Riverhunter's Blazing Boy
John Keegan’s Geordieland Wolfe
David Latham’s Bluecreek Curtiss Cash
Niels Henrik Hansen’s  Landon Nuthatch

2021 Open Stake

2021 Open Stake

The 108th Open A V Stake for 24 dogs was held at The Great Park, Windsor , Berkshire by gracious permission of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Crown Commissioners on 1 & 2 November, 2021.

Judges were Mr J Stubbs (A), Mr S McGrath (A), Mrs K Jinks (B) and Mr J Mayhew (B).


1st Tess Lawrence's FTCh Hawksgarth Sirooco

2nd Louie Robertson's FTCh Mitforton Nacho

3rd Wendy Glue's Troddenmills Get A Grip At Dacreford

4th Jim Collins's FTCh Brockaghs Forba

CoM Steve Richardson's Sothebys Choice of Wedgnock

CoM HM Queen Elizabeth II's Buccleuch Bowhill of Sandringham handled by David Lisett

CoM Robert Smallman's Caitlin Primrose

2020 Open Stake

The IGL did not hold an Open AV Retriever Stake for 24 dogs in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2019 Open Stake

2019 Open Stake

The 107th Open A V Retriever Stake for 24 dogs was held at Lilac Farm, Norfolk on 16th & 17th September by kind permission of The Chapman Family.

Judges were Mr S Polley (A), Mr Phil Askew (A), Mr C Horwill (B) and Mr N Clitheroe (B).


1st Stauntonvale Moose Milk owned by Mr Derek Hill & handled by Mrs Laura Hill

CoM FTCh Artistryn Ulrich owned & handled by Mr David Field

CoM Angeni Chorus at Kayteens owned & handled by Mr Keith Bedford

2018 Open Stake

2018 Open Stake

The 106th Open A V Retriever Stake for 24 dogs was held at the Glenalmond Estate, Perth by generous invitation of Mr H R Astrup on 8th & 9th October, 2018.

Judges were Mrs L MItchell (A), Mr T Prentice (A), Mr J Bettinson (A) and Mr S Hore (B).


1st place & Guns' Choice Laggengill Dawn of Blackgrass owned & handled by Mr Leigh Jackson

2nd Troddenmills Full Throttle of Leacaz owned & handled by Mr Lee Hartis

3rd Serrara Managa Sahara owned & handled by Mr John Iacono

CoM Fendawood Feller owned & handled by Mr Reuben Mort