Spectator Information

The IGL Committee has decided to implement a Spectator Registration scheme for the 2018 Retriever Championship. This is at the request of the host estate, Packington, and also on the advice of the Police. The aim is to ensure better management of this prestigious event as it becomes ever more popular and also to minimise the risk of potential disruption.

What this means is that spectators must register in advance of the Championship in order to enter the ground during the three days of the event. There will be no entry without prior registration.

Please click the download button below for a Spectator Application form.

In order to be placed on the register you will need to be:

i. an existing member of the IGL; or

ii. a member of three or more of the Affiliated Gundog Societies; or

iii. have your application to attend the Championship supported by two IGL members or two Kennel Club Panel Judges or an IGL member and a Kennel Club Panel judge.

In addition to the above, approval of applications will be at the Committee’s discretion.

Application forms are to be sent to spectator@igl.org.uk and must arrive on or before Friday, 23 November.

We believe that a full gallery of spectators is an important part of the Championship so please help us to implement this scheme.

Download Spectator Registration Form

Picture: Angela Cooper