Spectator Information

Vehicle Registration Scheme 2019

The IGL Committee is implementing a Vehicle Registration scheme for the 2019 Retriever Championship. This is at the request of the host estate, Glenalmond, and also on the advice of the Police. Our intention is to ensure better management of this prestigious event as it becomes ever more popular and also to minimise the risk of potential disruption.

What this means is that spectators must register their vehicles in advance of the Championship in order to obtain a car pass to gain entry to the ground. There will be no entry to the ground without prior registration and a valid car pass.

In order to be placed on the register the driver of the vehicle will need to be:

i.  an existing member of the IGL; or

ii.  a member of three or more of the Affiliated Gundog Societies; or

iii.  have their application to attend the Championship supported by:

 a.  two IGL members; or

 b.  two Kennel Club Panel Judges; or

 c.  an IGL member and a Kennel Club Panel judge.

Passengers are to be sponsored by the driver of the registered vehicle and their information will also be requested on the vehicle pass application form.  

Full details of how to apply will be published in due course on this website and IGL members will also be notified by email.

Please note that approval of applications is entirely at the Committee’s discretion.

Details of how we will hold the data you supply are available under the Data Protection section of this website.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Championship and thank you for helping us to implement this year’s scheme.

A view of the line and spectators, Packington 2018 Picture: Marie-Eve Buchs