2024 Qualifiers

 Dog qualifiedTrial/s in which qualification gained
HM King Charles III's FTCh Buccleuch Bowhill of Sandringham handled by David Lisett IGL Retriever Championship
Kirsty Cousins FTCh Westerkames Rigline of BrogdenviewWest Midland Field Trial Society's 2 day Open Stake
 IKC Retriever Championship

Qualification for the IGL Retriever Championship is on the following basis:

i. The current IGL Retriever Champion is entitled to defend the title.

ii. The current Irish Champion is entitled to run.

iii. Any dog which has obtained either 1 x A qualification (by winning a two day Open Stake) or 3 x B qualifications (by coming 2nd in a two day Open Stake or 1st in a one day Open Stake) during the qualifying period.

The judges confer, Ampton Estate 2021