2024 Qualifiers

 Dog qualifiedTrial/s in which qualification gained
FTCh Buccleuch Bowhill of Sandringham owned by HM King Charles III and handled by David Lisett IGL Retriever Championship
FTCh Westerkames Rigline of Brogdenview owned and handled by Kirsty CousinsWest Midland Field Trial Society's 2 day Open Stake
FTCh Eelburn Flavius of Ballygillen owned and handled by Oliver BellIKC Retriever Championship

Qualification for the IGL Retriever Championship is on the following basis:

i. The current IGL Retriever Champion is entitled to defend the title.

ii. The current Irish Champion is entitled to run.

iii. Any dog which has obtained either 1 x A qualification (by winning a two day Open Stake) or 3 x B qualifications (by coming 2nd in a two day Open Stake or 1st in a one day Open Stake) during the qualifying period.

John Halsted qualified six dogs for the 2023 Championship, breaking his own record of five dogs qualified set in 2015.