2018 Championship

The IGL Retriever Championship was held at Packington Hall, West Midlands by kind permission of Lord and Lady Guernsey on 3rd, 4th & 5th December.

Judges were Jim Gale, Mark Bettinson, Les McLean and Barry Taylor.

Steward of the Beat was Matt Nesbitt, Head Keeper.


1st Billy Steel Jnr's FTCh Harperrig Breac, winner of The Retriever Trials Championship Challenge Cup, The Lady Auckland Memorial Salver, The Hiwood Challenge Trophy, The IGL President's Trophy and the Lorna Countess Howe Memorial Trophy for best dog entered by an owner resident in Scotland

2nd David Field's FTCh Artistryn Ulrich, winner of The FTCh Ulstare Style Challenge Trophy for the dog placed second and The Andrea Edwards Packington Cup for the highest placed yellow in the awards

3rd Lady C Carter's FTCh Brocklebank Bronze of Chatsworth handled by John Halsted

4th Richard Hinks' FTCh Castleman's Gobi of Garronpoint handled by Annette Clark

Diplomas of Merit awarded to:

Mrs C Finlan's FTCh Macgiriaght Foxy Lady handled by John Halsted

Donnie Leitch's FTCh Garshake Dunbar

Lady C Carter's FTCh Asterix Aguzannis of Chatsworth handled by John Halsted

David Latham's Nettlebrae Andy of Fendawood

The Kingsford-Lethbridge Trophy to the breeder of the winner was awarded to Mrs A Usher.


David Latham, Mark Bettinson & John Halsted (l-r), Packington 2018. Picture: Marie-Eve Buchs