2010 Retriever Champion Ftch Delfleet Neon of Fendawood and Dave Latham

2010 Championship Report

2010 Retriever Championship held at Sandringham on the 7th, 8th and 9th December 2010 by gracious permission of Her Majesty The Queen.

Lab. D. b.02.06.08.
By F.T.Ch. Mediterian Blue ex Delfleet Dawn Flush.
Breeder: Mr S Crisp . Owner/Handler: Mr D Latham.
Qualified by winning the Scottish Gundog Association 2 Day Open Stake.

HIGHROOST BROOKE 3418CT Lab. B. b.05.03.06.
By F.T.Ch. Hamford Zealot of Highseas ex Gillygaben Chloe of Highroost. Breeder/Owner/Handler: Mr R Ketley.
Qualified by winning the Essex Field Trial Society 2 day Open Stake.

Lab. B. b.23.07.06.
By F.T.Ch. Pocklea Adder ex F.T.Ch. Glenpatrick Eve.
Breeder: Mr P N Bates . Owner/Handler: Mrs S Halstead.
Qualified by winning the International Gundog League Retriever Society and the South West Scotland Gundog Association 2 Day Open Stakes.

F.T.CH. CHERWOOD ACE of SPADES 3818CS Lab. D b.25.08.05.
By F.T.Ch. Scolopax Joe of Tagabea ex Cherwood Bracken.
Breeder/Owner: Mrs C Finlan . Handler: Mr J W Halsted.
Qualified by winning the Yorkshire Gundog Club 2 day Open Stake.

Diplomas of Merit:

EMMANYGAN ROCKET of CHATSWORTH 3565CU Lab. D. b.02.04.08.By F.T.Ch. Tasco Monk of Mansengreen ex Emmanygan Gypsy.
Breeder: Mr W Skett . Owner: Lady Celina Carter.
Handler: Mr J W Halsted.
Qualified by winning the Yellow Labrador Club 2 Day Open Stake.

ADORADEN QUINN 3919CU Lab. D. b.01.03.08.
By F.T.Ch. Eastdale Guss ex Greenbriar Arrieta.
Breeder: Mrs D Stuart . Owner/Handler: Mr J T Swindlehurst.
Qualified by winning the Clwyd Retriever Club 2 Day Open Stake.

EASTDALE HARRY 3763CT Lab. D. b.09.03.07.
By F.T.Ch. Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead ex Daughting Dulcie of Eastdale. Breeders/Owners: Mr & Mrs A B Schofield . Handler: Mr A B Schofield. Qualified by winning 3 B qualifications: the Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club and Lancashire & Merseyside Field Trial Society 1 Day Open Stakes and second in the West of England Labrador Retriever Club and the Three Ridings Labrador Club 2 Day Open Stakes.

F.T.CH. BRAIDENVALE SPINNAKER 3076CS Lab. D. b.10.03.05.
By F.T.Ch. Endacott Stoer of Quabrook ex F.T.Ch. Barweston Ebb of Braidenvale.
Breeder/Owner/Handler: Mrs L Partridge.
Qualified by winning Suffolk Gundog Club 2 Day Open Stake.

GORTONS RED RUBY RASCAL 4657CU Gold Ret. B. b.09.01.07.
By Brightfoot Kit ex Gortons Maid the Mist.
Breeders: Mr T & Miss K Cousins . Owner/Handler: Miss K Cousins.
Qualified by winning the Northern Golden Retriever Association 2 day Open Stake.