The 2023 IGL Retriever Championship Film - on sale now!

A Film by Jason Baxter Media.

Top action from the 2023 IGL Retriever Championship, the world’s premier Retriever Field Trial where the best of the best competed for the coveted title of IGL Retriever Champion.

Exciting coverage of events as they unfolded over the three days with expert commentary by Tess Lawrence, a former Championship judge and 2007 IGL winner.

A highlights film packed full of outstanding retrieves with interviews and informed analysis.

86 minutes. HD.

Available to buy now from at a cost of £20.00 plus VAT (Total £24.00).

Please read the instructions below before going to the Patreon website to buy the film.

The film is a large file size so you may find, depending on the device you are using and your broadband connection, that it takes a while to buffer and allow the data to upload so that you can continue to stream it.

How to buy the film:

1. Go to

2. Click on the Join for free box. Do not apply for paid membership. There are no benefits of any kind or additional content for paid members. You do not need to be a paid member or to upgrade in order to buy the film or to view it once purchased.

3. If asked to Open App or Stay on Web please select Stay on Web.

4. It is important to note that purchases made from the Patreon iOS app using Apple in-app payment will be subject to Apple’s 30% App Store fee in addition to the purchase price.

5. A Complete your account box now appears. Fill in your name and create a password as prompted.  Then click Continue.

6.  Remember to keep a note of your Patreon account username and password when you buy the film. The film will only show as “Purchased” in the Patreon account in which it was bought.

7. Cancel/close any prompts asking if you want to subscribe or upgrade.

8. This should bring you to the IGL Retriever Championship Home page.

9. Click on Shop which is one of the menu items. Follow the onscreen instructions to buy the film.

10. Once bought, the film can be streamed via the Patreon website as often as you want.  It is not downloadable.

How to stream the film:

  1. Go to and click on the login button to enter your username and password
  2. Log into your Patreon Free account using a web browser and NOT the Patreon app or “Continue with Google/Apple/Facebook”.
  3. Ignore any prompts asking you to “Upgrade to unlock”. There is NO need to register as a paid member or to “upgrade” your membership in order to view the film. Please cancel or ignore all prompts asking you to do this.
  4. You should find the “Purchased” film on the home page or click on “Shop” which is located in the menu.
  5. The film will always show as “Purchased” in the account in which it was bought.
  6. Click on the film information/picture and this should bring up a new window where you will see a play button located on the picture.
  7. Click on this button to start streaming the film.
  8. There is a time bar at the bottom of the screen along with the other control commands.

The film can take some time to buffer so that you are able to stream it. A poor broadband connection will directly affect the streaming process.

If you are experiencing any issues having followed the instructions above please email and include your contact number. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hrs.